Employments of Laces: Lace is a brightening texture utilized in clothing and home goods. Restricted bands are utilized for trims and inclusions; wide ribbon textures are utilized for drapes, table fabrics, and articles of clothing.

Types of lace:
The two main types of laces are ”real” or handmade, and machine made. Linen thread is usually used for real lace and also expensive laces, but cotton, rayon, nylon, silk or other yarns are now used for various qualities and types and also for machine lace.

a) Hand made Lace or Real Lace:
Bobbin Lace
Darned Lace
Needle point Lace
Crocheted Lace
Tatting Lace or Knotted Lace
b) Machine Made Lace:
Leavers Lace
Nottingham Lace
Bobbin Lace
Raschel Lace
Ratiné Lace
Schiffli Lace